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Repair My Credit Report

Article provided by: CRE Credit Services

Repair My Credit Report

Repair My Credit Report If your Google search for ‘ repair my credit report’ has led you to CRE Credit Services, congratulations- you’ve found the most reliable credit repair agency in the industry. Experts at CRE have assisted their clients in saving tens of millions of dollars in interest through services that improve credit scores and eliminate inconsistencies, errors and negative activity reported.

Don’t be drawn in by websites that purport to show you how you can fix your own credit score with print-out forms and instructions on how to contact creditors listed in your credit report. While it’s true that it’s perfectly legal to represent yourself in your credit matters, the fact remains that trying to repair negative activity in your credit report will provide similar results as if you tried to represent yourself in a court of law.

For professional results, you need a professional in your corner who knows what it takes to get matters resolved. The experts from CRE Credit Services approach credit repair in a different manner than other agencies, which is probably why they have bette results. They believe that each of their clients is an individual, and as such, looks at your credit report in that light as well. Helping you achieve the best possible results is the prime goal of every agent working for CRE Credit.

Clients call CRE every day asking: Can you repair my credit report? The answer is yes, and the results are guaranteed when you hire CRE Credit Services. Their 7-phase program is designed to provide results in 6 months, however most clients will see a positive impact in their credit report in 30-45 days.

If you have not recently had a close look at your credit report, it may benefit you to go online and look for free in order to gain a better understanding of what is listed in your report and search for inaccuracies, errors or negative activity that may be impacting your finances. Three out of 4 people in the US have no idea what is in their own credit report. To further compound that figure, two-thirds of reports have inaccuracies listed in them. If you’re considering the purchase of a vehicle or a new house, it’s essential that you know what your credit score is.

Many people fail to look into their credit report because of the myth that pulling their score will result in it taking a hit. Pulling your own credit score is called a soft credit check, and will not negatively impact your score. Even if a company checks your credit report for a background check or for a mortgage pre-approval, it will have no impact at all. Only a hard check from a potential lender who is reviewing your credit will impact your score- and insignificantly at that.

CRE Credit Services can send letters to your inquiring creditors to remove their inquiries and have your points put back on your score. Make certain your search for an agency to “repair my credit report” is not fruitless. Call an agent from CRE Credit Services today at 888-799-7267 for fast, reliable results at affordable prices.
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