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Accounting for Government Contractors Melbourne FL

Article provided by: Scine & Associates

Accounting for Government Contractors Melbourne FL

Accounting for Government Contractors Melbourne FL

Are you searching for accounting for government contractors in Melbourne, FL? If so, you should turn to our staff at Scine and Associates. We are well seasoned in DCAA approved government contracting and incurred cost submissions. We know the ropes so that you don’t have to worry about having to face an audit due to errors. Our knowledgeable staff can handle contract billing and other DCAA approved accounting work at a reasonable price. There are many other companies out there offering similar services, but they can’t compete with our dedication to quality and commitment to excellence. Plus, our experience outshines everyone else in our field. We truly are experts who are ready and willing to put their expertise to work for you. Achieving success starts with taking steps forward to prepare yourself. Let our team at Scine and Associates watch your back.

Accounting for Government Contractors in Melbourne, FL

Some CPAs are not fully equipped to handle government contracting because they are not fully trained. Our staff at Scine and Associates are prepared to step into a whole new marketplace that most CPAs avoid. At Scine and Associates, our practice was built around quality government contracting services. We are fully aware and familiar with the various compliance components of the Defense Contract Audit Agency. We are also familiar with the compliance components of the Defense Contract Management Agency, as well as many other federal procurement programs and agencies. Since we are familiar with compliance components, you do not have to worry about receiving an audit. There is not much else that businesses hate more than receiving an audit. Our team knows how to comply with the requirements of the federal procurement programs so that an audit is never a problem you face.

Implementing Company Wide Accounting Systems

At Scine and Associates, we have many talents and skills. There is not a task that is too big or too small for our team of expert professionals. We have a history of implementing companywide accounting systems that are DCAA approved. These accounting systems have experienced success working through initial company rate structure audits. One of the things that set us at Scine and Associates apart from our competitors is that we have a specialized team that is solely dedicated to DCAA contract billing, accounting work, and Incurred Cost Submissions. We can be there through every step so that you never have to face an issue alone. Our team is always happy to answer questions about our services, our experience, or our vision for the future.

Expanding Your Horizons

At Scine and Associates, we can help you expand your horizons so that you experience new success. It is our goal to provide you with reliable services that you can count on in the future. Our team is made up of certified professionals who have a history of working with DCAA approved accounting systems, accounting work, and contract billing. Our team can take care of the work so that you can focus on more important issues.

Accounting for Government Contractors Melbourne FL
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Accounting for Government Contractors Melbourne FL
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